Ek Villain Returns

   Ek Villain Returns

"Ek Villain Returns" is a riveting and heart-pounding action thriller movie that was written and directed by the great Mohit Suri. This cinematic offering, a follow-up to his critically praised 2014 film "Ek Villain," features an exciting continuation of the original story. A talented ensemble cast, including John Abraham's magnetic presence, Arjun Kapoor's serious acting chops, Disha Patani's alluring beauty, and Tara Sutaria's compelling talent, make up the film.

Ek Villain Returns

On July 29, 2022, the picture had its long-awaited theatrical debut, catching the attention of viewers around the country. However, it received a mixed reaction from critics, who had varied views on how well it was executed overall. Despite the hype surrounding its release, "Ek Villain Returns" encountered considerable difficulties at the box office and fell short of commercial expectations, earning it the label of box office bomb. Nonetheless, the film's distinct blend of action, mystery, and captivating storytelling made an indelible impression on those who witnessed its exhilarating story.


Ek Villain Returns Official Trailer starring John Abraham, Disha Patani, Arjun Kapoor, and Tara Sutaria 

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Home media 

Netflix purchased the film's digital streaming rights. The film will be available online on Netflix beginning September 9, 2022.



John Abraham         plays       Bhairav Purohit.

Arjun Kapoor          plays      Gautam Mehra.

Disha Patani             plays     Rasika Mapuskar.

Tara Sutaria             plays     Aarvi Malhotra.

J. D. Chakravarthy  plays     ACP V. K. Ganesan.

Karishma Sharma   plays     Gautam's ex-girlfriend Siya.

Kaizaad Kotwal       plays     Siya's father.

Shaad Randhawa     plays    DCP Aditya Rathore.

Bharat Dabholkar    plays     Gautam's father, Divesh Mehra.

Thapar                      plays     Ivan Rodrigues.

Digvijay Rohildas     plays     Bhairav's pal Keshav Rane.

Neha Shitole              plays    Chetna.

Satish Nakyodi         plays    Satish.

Riteish Deshmukh   plays    Rakesh Mahadkar (archival footage)

Elena Roxana Maria Fernandes  plays Qiran.

Badshah made a cameo appearance in the song "Shaamat" as himself.

Box office 

"Ek Villain Returns" enjoyed a strong launch at the domestic box office, grossing 7.05 crores on its first day. The film's excellent run continued on the second day, grossing 7.47 crore. The trend continued, with the film earning 9.02 crore on the third day, for a total domestic weekend revenue of 23.54 crore.

As of 18 August 2022, the film's box office performance had risen even further. "Ek Villain Returns" grossed an amazing 49.63 crores (roughly US$6.2 millionin India alone. The film was also a huge success in India, grossing Rs. 19.01 crore (US$2.4 million). When local and international earnings are included, the film has a stunning worldwide gross collection of 68.64 crores (US$8.6 million). These figures attest to the film's popularity and positive reception from moviegoers both in India and around the world. 


A masked attacker breaks into an apartment complex and attacks and kills Aarvi Malhotra, a singer. The cops, led by ex-CBI officer and DCP Aditya Rathore, conclude that Gautam Mehra, the son of industrialist Divesh Mehra, was behind the attack and arrest him.

In flashback, 

Gautam, a pampered brat, faces Divesh's wrath for raising a commotion during his ex-girlfriend Siya's wedding. The uproar captured on film is eventually turned into a rap song by the great artist Aarvi. Gautam's activities cause him to be evicted from both his business and his house. Gautam, in a clever maneuver, pretends to adore Aarvi and helps her scare off her competitor, Q/Kiran. Surprisingly, Aarvi falls in love with Gautam and confides in him about her problematic family past. She adds that her biological father, famed musician Balkrishnan Shastri, had an adulterous affair with her mother but never acknowledged it. Aarvi's ultimate objective is to become a great singer, convince her father that she is his daughter, and then reject him. Gautam, on the other hand, seeks vengeance for the humiliation he endured by revealing Aarvi's childhood images, hinting that he had been planning against her all along. As a result, Shastri publicly rejects his own daughter, leaving Aarvi heartbroken. When Gautam is attacked by Siya's spouse, Aditya, three months after their separation, Aarvi comes to his help and takes care of him. During this time, Gautam discovers his genuine feelings for her and begs for another opportunity. Despite her sad heart, Aarvi resolves to divorce Gautam.

In Present 

Gautam manages to elude capture by the police. Ganesan, on the other hand, concludes that Gautam is unlikely to be the perpetrator of Aarvi's murder. The authorities question Bhairav Purohit, who was contacted by Aarvi on the day she was murdered, but he denies any participation. Furthermore, there is a dearth of real proof against him. Ganesan, on the other hand, begins to notice a worrying pattern: a succession of similar deaths of young ladies with unrequited love interests. This strange method has claimed the lives of 18 females in the last six months. This new information leads Ganesan to believe that Gautam is not a serial killer. As the plot progresses, it is revealed that the serial killer's true identity is Bhairav himself. A fight breaks out between Gautam and Bhairav, but Gautam is unable to see his face, allowing Bhairav to flee once more.

In Flashback, 

we meet Bhairav, a cab driver who also works as a zookeeper on the side with his widower friend Keshav. Keshav has a kid named Yash, but he appears to be more concerned with bringing random girls to the zoo than with caring for his own child. Bhairav's life changes dramatically when he meets Rasika Mapuskar, a retail salesgirl he meets in a mall. He rapidly falls in love with her and begins fantasizing about a future together, including marriage. 

However, Bhairav's opinion of Rasika changes after he sees her valiantly defending herself against a gang of thugs who were tormenting her. This incident shows Bhairav a distinct side of Rasika that he hasn't seen before. Just as Bhairav is about to propose to Rasika, his heart breaks as he witnesses her having an affair with her married boss, Atul. He is heartbroken as a result of the treachery.

Rasika, unfortunately, does not stop at hurting Bhairav's heart; instead, she manipulates him into believing that it is okay to harm girls who do not reciprocate their partners' feelings. This perverted thinking begins to plague Bhairav, and he finds himself plunging down a terrible path, murdering many innocent girls.

On the day she leaves Gautam, fate brings Aarvi into the scene. Aarvi, unbeknownst to Bhairav, happens to be in his cab at the time. Bhairav, misinterpreting the circumstances, believes Aarvi has dumped Gautam and strikes her in his agitated state.

This fascinating story follows Bhairav's journey into darkness, fueled by heartbreak and manipulation, as he transforms into a ruthless killer.

In Present

Gautam learns of Bhairav's zoo address and rushes to face him. Tragically, Ganesan falls victim to Bhairav's violence, and Bhairav makes the unexpected announcement that Aarvi is still alive. Aarvi attempts to flee the zoo where Bhairav has imprisoned her, but he captures her and imprisons her in an underground cage. The cops arrive and catch Bhairav just before Gautam and Bhairav are about to clash. Under interrogation, Yash falsely charges Keshav in an attempt to save Bhairav. The cops also go to the crime location, where they find the motionless body of a girl in a freezer, only to realize it is not Aarvi.

Gautam watches a beautiful moment between Bhairav and Rasika as they embrace outside the police station. Gautam and Bhairav return to the zoo later that evening to look at Aarvi's cage. Aarvi regains consciousness and stabs Bhairav with a shard of glass she discovered. Rasika laughs, but pandemonium ensues when Bhairav retaliates against Aarvi. Gautam comes just in time to save her, sparking a brawl between the two guys. Bhairav strikes Gautam, who collapses and demands a response from Rasika. Gautam, on the other hand, bursts out laughing and inquires about the whereabouts of "Rasika." In an unexpected change of events, it is revealed that Bhairav had been hallucinating Rasika all along.
Bhairav recalls Rasika informing him of Atul's intention to quit his family for her. He accidentally killed Rasika, shattering her spine, in a desperate attempt to block her from going. Rasika's body was discovered in the freezer, which Bhairav had stored for himself. Bhairav collapses to the ground, overcome by grief, as Gautam and Aarvi reunite. Realizing the gravity of his error, Bhairav enters the tiger enclosure and meets the same destiny as his victims. Aarvi is pictured playing during a performance, surrounded by her supporters and Gautam.

Rakesh Mahadkar, who survived the accident but became crippled, meets Bhairav, who lost an eye due to the tiger attack, in a mid-credits scene at a mental asylum. Rakesh recites his pledge from the prelude, and the screen fades to black just as Bhairav awakens.

Critical response 

Critics gave "Ek Villain Returns" mixed reviews. The film was scored 4 out of 5 stars by Bollywood Hungama and is characterized as having a great soundtrack, amazing visuals, and thrilling scenes. It received a three-star rating from India Today, which praised the riveting plot, intriguing storyline, and masala entertainer aspects. The Free Press Journal also gave it three out of five stars, stating that while the film returned, it didn't catch the spirit of the previous one but still provided a stylish thriller with broad appeal. The Times of India gave it 2.5 stars, claiming that while there were twists and turns, the film failed to emotionally connect with the audience. Sc roll. in awarded it a two-star rating, citing the vilification of misogyny. Pinkvilla gave it two out of five stars, saying that the film was promising but let down by the overall story. News18 gave it 1.5 stars, remarking that the film got up steam only after the intermission. The Indian Express gave it a one-star rating, citing a confused plot and mediocre acting. Firstpost rated it 0.5 out of 5 stars, expressing disappointment with the film's conditions, while NDTV rated it 1 out of 5 stars, criticizing the lead actors' performances. It was also given a grade of 0.5 out of 5 stars by Rediff, implying that it relied on the popularity of the song "Galliyan" to boost its appeal.

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