How to Become SHO in Pakistan

How to Become SHO in Pakistan

How to Become SHO in Pakistan


Are you interested in maintaining law and order in Pakistan? 

Do you dream of donning the uniform, upholding justice, and making a real difference in Pakistan? 

If so, becoming a Station House Officer (SHO) in the police force is the path for you. Being an SHO comes with great responsibility, authority, and opportunities to serve society.

Don't miss the interview with SHO Muhammad Zubair at the end of this blog for valuable tips.

In this blog, you will learn about the requirements, eligibility criteria, training duration, salary prospects, necessary documents, and how to apply for this prestigious position.

Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

To be considered for the role of SHO in Pakistan, there are some requirements and eligibility criteria that you must meet.

1. Nationality

You should be a Pakistani citizen with a valid CNIC (Computerized National Identity Card). This is essential as it establishes your nationality and legal status in the country. 

2. Age Requirement

Candidates must meet the age requirements which may depend on provincial regulations.

Generally speaking,

Candidates should be between 21-28 years old when applying.

3. Education and Background Criteria

You should have a bachelor's degree from a recognized university. While your field of study can vary, having an educational background in law, enforcement, or criminology can increase your chances during the selection process.

4. Fitness Requirements

In addition to your education, physical fitness also plays an important role in becoming an SHO. You will need to pass various physical tests, such as running, push-ups, sit-ups, and many more. These tests are conducted to check your fitness and determine your suitability for the role of SHO.

5. Medical Requirements

People who want to become SHOs need to undergo various medical tests to confirm their physical fitness for the job. Having good eyesight and hearing is especially crucial because police work requires effective observation and communication skills in the field.

Documents Required to Become SHO

Becoming a Station House Officer (SHO) in Pakistan is not a small thing. It requires dedication, hard work, and meeting certain eligibility criteria. One of the crucial steps in the process is gathering all the necessary documents. Here are some of the key documents you need to have:

1. Educational Certificates

To become an SHO, you must possess at least a Bachelor's degree from a recognized university or institution.

2. National Identity Card

You will need your valid national identity card (NIC) or computerized national identity card (CNIC). This serves as proof of your citizenship and helps establish your legal status.

3. Police Clearance Certificate

Aspiring SHOs must obtain a police clearance certificate to ensure their background is clear from any criminal records or pending cases.

4. Medical Fitness Certificate

A medical fitness certificate that proves you are physically fit for the demanding tasks involved in being an SHO.

5. Character Certificate

Obtaining a character certificate from reputable sources such as educational institutions or previous employers demonstrates your reliability and trustworthiness.

6. Driving License

Having a valid driving license enables you to carry out duties that require operating vehicles effectively.

Remember, these are just some of the essential documents needed to become an SHO in Pakistan; specific requirements may vary depending on regional regulations and policies.

How To Apply

To apply for the position of SHO, here are some steps you need to follow:

1. Research the Requirements

First, choose your favorite provincial police department. Start researching them, their specific requirements, and the eligibility criteria set by your respective provincial police department. Ensure that you meet all the necessary qualifications before applying for SHO.

2. Gather Required Documents

Collect all the required documents such as educational certificates, national ID Cards, Domicile certificates, character certificates from local authorities or institutions, and any other relevant paperwork specified by the police department.

3. Written Exam

Most police departments conduct a written exam to check candidates' knowledge about their areas such as general knowledge, current affairs, English language proficiency, and basic mathematics skills.

Here are some past papers 

How to Become SHO in Pakistan

How to Become SHO in Pakistan

4. Interviews and Psychological Assessment:

Qualified candidates will then go through interviews conducted by senior officers who will check their communication skills, problem-solving abilities, and leadership qualities as well as their psychological assessment to determine their suitability for handling stressful situations. 
Because the job of SHO is very difficult, that's why everyone is not suitable for this job.

Training Duration

The training duration to become a Station House Officer (SHO) in Pakistan is an important part of becoming an SHO. The training program aims to equip individuals with the necessary knowledge, skills, and experience to effectively carry out their duties as an SHO.

Training time 

The duration of the training can depend on several factors such as the specific police academy or institution where the training takes place. On average, however, the training period ranges from 6 to 12 months.

Importance of Training

The training duration plays a very important role in shaping individuals into competent and capable SHOs who can handle hard situations with confidence while upholding justice and maintaining law and order within their station.

Salary of SHO

The SHO Police Inspector Salary package can vary based on several factors, including experience and location. However, it is generally considered attractive.

The salary range for an SHO Police Inspector in Pakistan can start from around PKR 60,000 per month and go up to PKR 100,000 or even higher.
This figure includes basic pay along with various allowances such as
  •  Medical
  •  Housing 
  •  Transport 
and other benefits offered by the government.

Additionally, promotions and increments are also available based on performance and seniority.

Power and Control

As the head of a police station, an SHO makes important decisions about crime. They can decide who gets arrested and how investigations work. One key thing they can do is write FIRs (first information reports). These reports kick-start legal action against criminals.

SHOs can also arrest people they suspect of committing crimes. They can investigate them to gather evidence. They work with and supervise other police groups to stop crimes effectively.

Teamwork and Scale

An SHO leads a team of police officers. This team includes constables, sub-inspectors, and other officers.  They work together to ensure the police station runs smoothly and keeps the area safe. 

Police inspectors are assigned to head police stations and serve as SHOs. The civil service grade for this rank is BPS 16.

Interview With SHO


While SHOs have a lot of power, they must use it responsibly. Treating everyone fairly and following the law without being unfair is crucial. SHOs need to understand legal rules and be good leaders to do their jobs well.


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